Diana’s lomtalanitas photo essay

Objects have stories… they possess biographies through which ‘their significance may radically alter’ (Miller, 1993). These stories are evolved and developed in the vision of ‘objects as properties’, rather than the consideration of the ‘properties of objects’. Objects, regarded as properties, become intrinsically linked to a larger context of belonging and therefore tell far richer stories than an object regarded as possessing a number of properties, signifying its mere materiality. Thus the struggle in a sense evolves around the very practice of sense-making and perception, which oscillates between the articulation of the object’s physical externality versus its internal symbolism.

Despite the easily detectable physical externality that the photograph so skilfully exposes, there is always an inherent symbolism, an internal story in each shot… perhaps – less easily disclosed, but is always possible to uncover once the static take of the object’s being is turned into the context of its dynamic becoming… And it is at the point of regarding the object within the context of becoming that two elements of temporal symbolism come together – ‘the object standing for time’ and ‘time controlling what the object stands for’ (Miller, 1993). Within
this very confrontation one can uncover the various reasons underlying the act of detachment…

By Diana


2 Responses to Diana’s lomtalanitas photo essay

  1. Thinkerbell says:

    i just read your cv on the ceu website and it's very impressive.. but your photograh is even more impressive: you have a really nice, gentle, imaginative, kinda dreamy face/expression (gandhi look, 🙂 )I also study psychology, like you did, and am interested in further education in gender studies/sociology/philosophy.. wish me luck!;)p.s. about the post- the photos above definitely have a narrative(like johnny cash's songs).. i like to draw and what i think about photos is: you search for the story- you choose what to give attention/meaning to when you get around with your camera,and i just let it surface on the paper.quite similar i think

  2. Vlad says:

    The second part of your comment should be addressed to Diana, the student who took these pictures and posted her photo essay on the blog. Thanks for your comments and good luck with your studies.

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